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TEC- Inglés para profesores y estudiantes avanzados de inglés.

This course has been is designed to give competent teachers and students of English, who may or may not have any other English teaching qualifications, a chance to obtain international recognition for their language skills, knowledge and experience in the teaching area.
The course will help students

Become acquainted with grammatical terms, their use, how to present them, teach them and recycle them. The course will also deal with the typical problems Spanish speakers have when learning them and trying to use them.

Gain solid knowledge of the English Phonetic System and how the IPA can help teaching pronunciation, correcting it and improving it.
How to teach the four main areas of language learning: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
How to go about correcting students’ production (either written or oral)

The main principles of the different teaching and learning styles, methods and theories and how to put them together into teaching.

By the end of the course students will sit for a test of English for specific purposes called CITE which is graded by Anglia Ascentis Examination Syndicate in collaboration with Chichester College England UK.
Candidates for the exam will need to choose which of the two suites of exams they would rather take: CITE for Young Learners or CITE for General Learners

The CITE test recognises that teaching young learners and teaching higher level, older, learners may require different language levels, theory and practice. For this reason, candidates are offered two versions of the test
The CITE test is not in itself a teaching qualification, but recognition of your competence in the relevant English language skills needed for teaching. It can, therefore, equally be taken by teachers who are currently teaching English, or students who are planning to, and have gained knowledge of classroom language and practice through study.

As the English required in the CITE test is also related to knowledge of grammatical terms and functions in English, together with classroom language in English students taken the TEC course should have at least an advanced level of English, that is at least B2 on the Common European Framework for languages.

As reference we name two main suites of exams students should have taken in the last two years: Anglia Ascentis Advanced Level or Cambridge First Certificate in English. Students who have just started attending their first year at any Teacher Training Centre (profesorados) are also suitable for this course.

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